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Nutritious and Delicious Recipes

The Food is always a highlight at our All Inclusive Yoga Retreats and Holidays.  With a focus on fresh, organic and healthy recipes cooked with love and attention.  We hope you try some of these recipes yourself to bring a bit of Soul Food into your home. Our Yoga Days, Yoga Weekends & Yoga Holidays all include a cookery workshop.

Raw Chocolate

Healthy, Raw, Vegan & Delicious Chocolate? Surely not possible? You have to taste them to believe it. This recipe makes the best chocolate ever.

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Raw Pad Thai Salad

Crunchy Creamy Spicy & Nutritious. This Salad packs a punch.

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Great Green Juice

Never underestimate the power of a green juice. Trust us, they taste delicious and are amazing for your energy levels and immune system.

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Kale & Quinoa Salad

With Kale, Qinuoa & Avocado, this salad is Super Food Heaven. Great option for vegetarians as Quinoa is an amazing grain full of protein.

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Energy Balls

Energy Balls, aka bliss bites are a staple for Yogis. Full of magical ingredients that give you a natural high, a great way to boost your energy before a yoga class or beat that 4pm slump. This recipe is to get you started to feel free to play and get creative.

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Mackerel Pate

Always a favourite at Soul Retreats, Mackerel is an Amazing source of Omega 3, an essential Oil. This recipe is so quick and easy that anyone can make it. Great as an evening or lunchtime snack, and the perfect starter for a dinner party.

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Chocolate Cake

It took us a long time to find the perfect Gluten Free Chocolate Cake and now we have it! We just love this recipe which uses whole oranges and ground almonds making for a really moist and rich cake. It makes a sizeable cake perfect for birthdays and special occasions and is really easy to make.

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Chocolate Moose

We adore this raw, vegan recipe made with Avocado and healthy desserts are always a winner. You would never know that it was made with Avocados which are an amazing source of healthy fats and an essential ingredient for glowing skin. Try it out the next time you have guests - they'll love this dessert.

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Chakra Salad

Raw veggie salads are high in fibre and antioxidants and the fats in this salad come from a perfect combo of nuts, seeds, and avocados. The High fibre will keep you feeling full and fats will keep you satisfied creating the perfect power-packed salad. Sweet, nutty, crispy, crunchy...YUM!

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Ginger Quinoa

Such an unusual recipe, with the quinoa being cooked in vegetable juice and the ginger adding a great warmth. Quinoa is a great source of protein and a really good addition to salads to keep you feeling fuller for longer. The almonds in the recipe add further protein and healthy fats making this an amazing recipe for Vegans and a great lunch for everyone.

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Energising Red Juice

In both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, root vegetables such as carrots and beetroots have a very grounding energy themselves and ginger is energise spice which also helps metabolize sugar and stimulate digestion/elimination. Beetroot is very high in iron but needs to addition of the vitamin C in oranges to helps the body metabolise the iron. This is a great morning juice.

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