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Glorious Green Juice

Green Vegetable Fruit Juice

It’s high in vitamin C, the lemon helps to improve the absorption of the non-heme iron in spinach and the bromelain from the pineapple may ease arthritis, prevent some types of cancer, atherosclerosis and it may also help to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases due to its ability to inhibit Fibrinogen, the chemical that can cause the abnormal blood clotting that underlies most cardiovascular diseases.



- 1 large bunch of spinach (about 340g)

- ¼ of a pineapple or 2 cups of fresh or frozen pineapple

- 1 lemon, peeled

- 3 Inch Broccoli stalk

- 1/2 Cucumber

- 1 inch Ginger

- 2 Stalks Celery



1.    Wash all ingredients well.

2.    Peel the lemon and remove the rind from the pineapple.

3.   Cut all produce to fit through juicer, juice and enjoy!

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